Three Of The Best Parks In Henderson Nevada

If your goal is to travel to several different states in the United States, and you are headed to the West Coast, definitely go through Nevada at least for a couple of days. You might be tempted to stop in Reno, the Biggest Little City in the world, or head on down to Las Vegas which is a fun place to stay. In fact, there are very few places in the world that can compete with Las Vegas simply because it is like an amusement park the size of the city. It is exciting, fun, but for some people it’s way too much. That’s why they decide to go to Henderson instead. You simply have to keep going south, going toward Boulder City, and you will eventually come into the city limits. Some people travel here not to gamble, or even to do any of the aerial tours. There are coming here to go to the parks.

Parks In Henderson

There are parks in this area of Nevada, albeit not the type that you may be used to if you are from the East Coast or Oregon and Washington. There are very few trees, with the exception of Joshua Trees, but there are many beautiful landscapes that you can see. People go to the parks because it puts them closer to nature. There is one called Cornerstone Park which is very nice. You can drive there, take advantage of the small beaches and water in the lake. It’s a nice place to take your kids and potentially see wildlife. The second place you can go is Lake Las Vegas. This is one of the more beautiful legs that you will see. It is pristine, large, and you will likely be able to spend several hours there and have a lot of fun playing with your kids if you brought them with you. Finally, you can go over to the River Mountain Loop Trail which is, according to many people, a beautiful bike path. That means you will have to bring your bike with you, or perhaps you will be able to rent it and go riding for a few hours a day. You will get your exercise in, and you also get to see beautiful landscapes in all directions, completely natural and stylized in only the way that the geology of Nevada can present it.

These ideas on what to do when you get to Henderson are just a few that will help you relax or allow you to get exercise. It’s nice to go to park sometimes, and if you never been to one before, then you should certainly consider choosing to go to one now. If you are staying a few days, you should consider going on some of the other tours that they have available. Heading to Vegas, and once you are done with your vacation there, it will be a fond memory that you will have for many years.